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We create a network of rich data platforms, that support people in making bigger or smaller life choices. A personal AI can not only advise you in which house to buy, what job to take, which hotel to go to, but also what exercises are good for your personal health condition, and which trainings can help you to get that job you love. The rest is up to your imagination.


Market Data

Rich but standardised and normalised data of products, services and user preferences in specific markets

AI Matching

Improved ability to match rich data on multiple dimensions in a fast and low cost manner

Intelligent User Interface

A precise but easy and acceptable way to establish user preferences and/or user profiles for matching

Smart & Personalised rich data platforms

  • Will replace traditional platforms
  • Create market transparency and better decision making
  • Move away from marketing targeting and influence (current state of art) to user control

The strenght of Rich Data Platforms

Rich data platforms provide smart decision support layers that unburden the user in a calm and unobtrusive manner, by operating in the periphery of the users attention.

Business models for personal marketplaces

Rich Data Platforms have the power to transform businesses and entire industries. With machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence we turn big data into information and create value by design. These new insights generate new business models.

Personal Artificial Intelligence

The concept of personal AI can be applied in many fields. The personal AI is our user interface at your service to provide you data driven advise, and predict future scenarios. By design the individual user is in control of their own data. We think the AI could become your most trusted advisor. Check out our showcase assistants.

Meet our Company

Are you wondering why we like working at 8vance Matching Technologies? In a fast growing startup you expect a strong work ethic, occasionally long days at the office and a highly dynamic atmosphere. What can we say, all true! But what keeps you going is the energy of the team.. and some cafeine and sugar. Did you know for example that we are a big fan of pie? So don’t be surprised if you are invited to try some of the delicious Limburgian traditional pies.

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