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8vmt | About the company
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About the company

Develop state of the art technology

Building Rich Data Platforms we developed a unique system that follows the latest trends in Language processing, Big Data and Artifical Intelligence. The modularity of the building blocks makes it a flexible setup to generate quickly a matching platform for any other market.

Create transformational business models

RDP’s will disrupt current business models. While older models are based on delivering fixed services or products for a certain price, transformational business models are based on the priciple that users will pay for results, regardless of the service or product that is required to get to that result.

Experienced management in high tech with growth track record

As managing directors of the Japanese multinational Wacom, the founders of 8VMT already had experience in running a successful fast growing organisation and globally had to recruit and manage staff. In 2013 they founded 8vance Matching Technologies, to build the tool they always desired to have while recruiting and managing talent.

Now 5 years later this resulted in this fast growing startup with a world class international team and a matching platform that can match any data from any market.

Top notch partnerships, launching customers, and investors

In Rich Data Platforms you need 3 crucial elements; the matching AI, an intelligent user interface, and third but not least the knowledge from the market. At 8VMT we support the entire technology basis with innovative user products. The market know-how comes from the experts in the field, our amazing team of partners, customers and investors. The data is what brings it alive.

Wondering what we do?