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Our services

We create Rich Data Platforms (RDP’s) for different markets

With our own technology base we have the freedom to create many business cases. We create market interactions while the users stay in control of their own data. Through AI, big data, and virtual assistants, we support users in decision making processes for inefficient market places, by presenting a transparant personal overview of the marketplace. We do this in joint venture with leading partners of the specific market. In that way we make it simple, transparent, fast and cost effective.

Find some examples of our applied services below.

The virtual investigation assistant

The virtual investigator Sjerlok, from Brightmaven, uses the sophisticated matching and ranking algorithms with neural, semantic and social web technologies. Image, web and database search take place and they are followed by matching procedures aiming at a successful match. Throughout the entire process, Sjerlok provides alerts about the state of Search & Match. It ensures that no successful match is missed.

Let your job find the perfect candidate

AIMA is the virtual career and recruitment assistant that uses the deep matching technology for better hiring and talent management. With learnings from a dataset of over 70million profiles, recruiters can easily find the best candidates.

Find a job you love!

AIMA serves the market with a full transparent “Personal labour market”  as intelligent layer on top of all available job data.

You can meet Intelligent personalised career assistant AIMA soon, for career path advise and autonomous match on vacancies. Candidates have a Career Team, access to job coaches, assessments and more.

Find your dream house with Domizz

Next to being a 3rd generation platform for buying and selling homes, Domizz aims to be the place for lifestyle, building renovation, interior design and anything around your home including a few new disruptive functions.